Thursday, June 13, 2013

For Liya....

Well it has been way too long since I've blogged. Life with 3 kids has been more than a little crazy and busy--but of course lots of fun too! :) So even though I've been busy taking pictures, I haven't found as much extra time as I'd like to share them online unfortunately. However, I'm hoping I'll get some catching up done really soon. I have so SO many fun things to share! Fingers crossed!

Recently though I did a shoot for my friend Kimberly and it was so different and fun I thought it needed to be shared! Kimberly is an amazing mother--full of depth and grit and a determination to raise her kids with values. Her daughter Liya is turning 5 years old this year. She had seen an idea online she wanted to try, which was to take photos of 5 inspirational women from throughout history, and recreate them with her daughter--something Liya could keep to remind and inspire her of her true potential. 

In Kimberly's words,  
"I fell in love with this idea when I saw it on Pinterest. I am always looking for ways to provide Liya with positive real women role models. Ones that have determination, an independent spirit, and a resolve to do what they believe in, despite others who may question it. I feel that the media teaches our daughters that they must be skinny, sexy, and 'hot', to be desired in this life; I wish to refute that notion, and instead, propose that we should be determined, intelligent, honest, and good."

I couldn't agree more, and just loved Kim's insight on this and her desire to make a strong impression on her daughter of things that truly matter. While this idea is not new, it was something I personally had not heard of until Kimberly presented it to me. I was thrilled to attempt the project and am so pleased with the result. Thank you Kim for involving me in such a fun and inspiring photo shoot!

Amelia Earhart

Audrey Hepburn

Helen Keller

Virginia Woolf

Jane Goodall

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Joan said...

How original and fun! You did a beautiful job capturing the look of each photo.