Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Davis Family

I'm trying to make a new resolution to be better about posting more frequently, so today I was DETERMINED to get some pictures up of this cute family. However, I'm pretty sure that the web, all my photo software, computer, and technology in general, were dead set against me accomplishing a darn thing. Boo! I get so frustrated when something that shouldn't take that long ends up eating your whole day. Failure. Anyways, I was NOT going to go to bed tonight without posting something and so even though I'm having color issues, quality issues, you name it....with my photos for the web, I decided I wouldn't let it stop me this time. So please ignore any imperfections. :) 

And enjoy this darling little family of boys with one gorgeous mama. We had so much fun together. Makes me so excited to have a second little boy of my own. :)

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