Saturday, October 22, 2011

He Said She Said Workshop

A few weeks ago I had the great great privilege of attending the He Said She Said Workshop by Jean & Travis Smith in Michigan. I was so fortunate to win a spot being given away to the workshop from the MCP Actions blog. I had been eyeing the workshop for a few months, admiring Jean & Travis's work and when I saw the giveaway I never thought I'd get the spot, but I DID and I could NOT have been more thrilled!!! I promptly booked my flight to Detroit and a few weeks later I was on my way.

The Workshop was really an incredible experience. So many talented people. Two AMAZING teachers who not only were so full of knowledge and had such great content in their class, but they were also so inspiring and completely open about everything. Not to mention FUN! And the nicest people you'll meet on the planet. They shared so many great ideas, tips, techniques, etc. my brain was literally on overload and I'll be lucky to take in half of it! But I truly loved every second and couldn't soak up enough. My passion for photography was completely renewed and I remembered all over again why I really just LOVE, love, love love taking pictures. It makes me so happy.

Honestly, if you are at all considering investing in a workshop or training in the next year, don't walk, RUN to their class because it will be well worth your time, investment, and the networking opportunity. Enough said. :)

The first day of the workshop was all about lighting. So many awesome suggestions and ideas with new lighting equipment! I'm already loving playing with Off Camera Flash I can feel an addiction coming on. Yeah!!! The next day we covered everything under the sun, from lighting (natural and artifical) to editing to business topics. So helpful and so informative. Both days we got quite a bit of time to shoot models and try things out. It was great to attempt some new things, ask questions, and just take pictures of some really beautiful people! :) Here are some of the photos I came away with.

These next few pictures were super fun for me because they are TOTALLY different than anything I've ever done or attempted to do. All off camera lighting with a high fashion feel. So fun to go out of your comfort zone once in awhile!

I still have so far to come and always want to push myself to improve, so this was such a great way for me to take a step in that direction. Such a great experience!

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jean smith said...

Ashley...not gonna lie...wanted to shed a little tear reading your blog. Thank you for the super nice words and it was OUR pleasure to have you there...TRULY. Amazing, amazing, amazing images girl!