Monday, August 29, 2011

Jaimie & Brandon: Bridals

I'm blogging a little out of turn but figured since I have a lot of posting about these two to do I'd get started! And since they are hot off the press I thought it'd be fun to share! I've already gushed over these two, so I'll keep it short and sweet. Needless to say.....GORGEOUS couple. Seriously, straight out of a magazine. Loved being their photographer. :)

A couple days before their wedding we did a bridal/groomal session at the AZ Mesa Temple and at the Desert Botanical Gardens in Phoenix. I LOVE when we can split things up on separate days like that!! We did a "first look"set up so that it was still special when Brandon got to see Jaimie for the first time and then we were able to get lots of great more artistic shots in better light than we would have at high noon on the wedding day. Worked out great and so pleased with the result!

I'll start with one of my very favs...

Jaimie's dress and veil were stunning and were just perfect for her! She couldn't have looked more beautiful!

The Botanical Gardens were INCREDIBLE. I loved that Jaimie really wanted something that felt very AZ authentic for her bridals' location. I could have shot there all day! Can't wait to go back.

Wedding day pictures coming soon!!

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