Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Ruby Lou

This tiny babe is now 6 months old and one of my favorite little babes around. She is destined to be besties with my Scarlett--which is convenient since her mama is mine. :)  
Love this baby girl and loved getting to take her very first beauty pics.
Isn't she just amazingly beautiful and perfect?!

Ruby Louise

Oh and by the way, this baby girl has 3 big sisters who just adore her. Isn't she the luckiest little lady??


Maranda said...

I love these! You are so talented. And I can't believe Liz has 4 girls!! They are all so beautiful. I love the blonde hair.

Luisa said...

What a beautiful baby girl Liz!! I love the picture with all 4 of your girls. So awesome to grow up with so many sisters :)
And Ashley GORGEOUS pictures as always. This really makes me look forward to pictures you are gonna take of my baby girl :) Coming up!