Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Andrea & Tyler: San Diego Wedding Reception

Okay, I know this post is ridiculously long, but I just can't help it! Andrea and Tyler's reception was just adorable with so many perfected details and beautiful things to look at. I feel like you need all the pictures to tell the story of what a gorgeous and intricately planned evening it was! I really loved how the entire party and all the decor was a reflection of them and their personalities and it was bright and cheerful with a perfect little vintage twist on it all. I had a hay day taking detail shots because the light was incredible and everywhere I looked there was something pretty. It is SO fun to capture all the details that brides and wedding planners have worked so hard to plan for months.
It was such a fun evening and I hope you get the essence of it through the photos!

Congrats again A & T!


Lindsay De McBride said...

these are beautiful! Wow that is a really cool wedding. So bright and fun. I miss you!

Katie said...

Great job capturing the details! It takes me right back to that special day!

--Katie Hampton (Andrea's sister)