Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Andrea & Tyler: San Diego Wedding Photographer, San Diego Temple, Pacific Beach

Well, I'm only about, oh, 6 months late in posting this wedding. Better late than never right?! :)
Andrea and Tyler are about the sweetest people you'll ever meet. So down to earth, laid back, easy-going, kind, and all around just insanely easy to work with. Lucky me.

Loved them and loved being a part of their special day!

 We also got to take some bridals down at Pacific Beach. It was especially cool because Tyler's family has deep roots in PB and so the location was particularly personal to them. It was a gorgeous evening and we had a blast as usual!

Pictures from their reception coming right up!!


Miss Laura said...

This is Tyler's sister. You did such a beautiful job with photography, not just in quality of the photos, but content and creativity. I wish I could just look through these every time I'm feeling a little down, because I remember so well, through your photos what a special day that was.

San Diego Wedding Photography said...

Really eye-catching pictures. All the pictures are very elegant, the most beautiful I've ever seen. The little girl holding up her dress is so pretty. Thanks for sharing these beautiful pictures.