Wednesday, July 27, 2011


UPDATE: So you know that feeling of how it seems like you enter all these things and never win any of them??? Well not this time!!! Can't believe I got drawn for the free seat! Detroit, here I come! So excited to attend this workshop and learn from some great mentors!


My name would get drawn for this awesome give away. Looks like an incredible workshop!!! Thanks MCP Actions.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Ruby Lou

This tiny babe is now 6 months old and one of my favorite little babes around. She is destined to be besties with my Scarlett--which is convenient since her mama is mine. :)  
Love this baby girl and loved getting to take her very first beauty pics.
Isn't she just amazingly beautiful and perfect?!

Ruby Louise

Oh and by the way, this baby girl has 3 big sisters who just adore her. Isn't she the luckiest little lady??

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Andrea & Tyler: San Diego Wedding Reception

Okay, I know this post is ridiculously long, but I just can't help it! Andrea and Tyler's reception was just adorable with so many perfected details and beautiful things to look at. I feel like you need all the pictures to tell the story of what a gorgeous and intricately planned evening it was! I really loved how the entire party and all the decor was a reflection of them and their personalities and it was bright and cheerful with a perfect little vintage twist on it all. I had a hay day taking detail shots because the light was incredible and everywhere I looked there was something pretty. It is SO fun to capture all the details that brides and wedding planners have worked so hard to plan for months.
It was such a fun evening and I hope you get the essence of it through the photos!

Congrats again A & T!