Monday, April 11, 2011

A Little Peek...

At this drop dead GORGEOUS couple,
Who's engagement photos I've been drooling over the last few days--because honestly, could you pick a more darling pair to photograph? Not to mention they are SO beautiful and SO in love its contagious, and the light was just delicious this particular afternoon.
I seriously can't get myself to stop working on them! AHHH!!!
 I can hardly wait to photograph Jaimie and Brandon's June wedding in Arizona!

Here are a few favorites for a little preview of what's to come. SO excited to show the rest one of these days. :)

Tuesday, April 5, 2011


Newborn shoots can be tough. I often come home after them a lot of times feeling totally drained and exhausted because they really just take A LOT out of you. However, every time I get a call for one, I honestly get SOOOO excited. I just love love love newborns and I love trying to capture that sweet, soft, squishy, squirmy, innocent, yummy, perfection that is a brand new babe. They melt me every time and it is a challenge I am always up for. It is definitely an art with newborns trying to get the images you have in your mind, but when you do, it feels like you just won the lottery. This shoot of Hudson and his big sister Madison was one I'll always treasure. We came away with so many images that I just loved and that had a lot of the emotion I was hoping for. Plus, it was so fresh in my mind having just brought a new baby home to my 3 year old son and seeing the love and bonding between my own kids is something i'll never forget. Such a special special time. 

I'm so honored I got to be a part of capturing these memories. Not to mention I just love this cute family. Do you remember when they were just a family of 3 here?? Time flies!

Baby Hudson

Friday, April 1, 2011

My Girl...

Is getting so big...
I can't believe it's been 9 months!

I have about 1,000,000 pictures of this little lady that I would love to share, but I'll just leave a couple for now.

We love this little gem.