Monday, March 21, 2011

Melzer Family

I can't believe this shoot is from back in DECEMBER and I am just posting it! Ahh....tells you how behind I am on this little blog of mine.
But I really can't believe I haven't gotten these up sooner, because I LOVED this shoot! Can you please tell me how you could find a more beautiful family?? Seriously, those three kiddos are just as photogenic and darling as they come and I could hardly put my camera down. So of course I went a little crazy and took about a million pictures. So this long post will have to satisfy--I'm too tired of narrowing their pictures down!. :)

Thank you Melzers for being such perfect subjects and so nice and fun to work with on top of it all!

Told ya they were beautiful!!! ;)


Krista said...

i love that red hair & freckles! so cute...and love her belt with the target dress! beautiful!

Jess and Matt said...

These are SO good Ash! You captured their family so perfectly!

the zeltner family said...

love the colors!! i miss balboa park... havent gotten to shoot there in a while... anyways- it was great to meet you at the beach today! my info-, email-
see you again soon!