Monday, January 24, 2011

Wedding Teasers

Keeping busy busy around here with all these fabulous winter weddings!
But with this INCREDIBLE January weather we are currently experiencing here in SD, I don't think we can hardly call it winter. These couples seriously couldn't have gotten married on more beautiful days!

Since I am forever playing catch up on the blog and goodness knows when I'll get around to posting these weddings in whole-- I couldn't resist putting up just a few quick pictures.

LOVE how they're turning out.

And seriously, what photographer is lucky enough to have two stunning red-haired brides within a couple weeks?? Seriously ladies, can I steal your hair?! So jealous.

Can't wait to show the rest!

Shupe Family

I love energetic boys. Believe me....I've got one of my own, for the books.

So I felt right at home with these darling little men. :) And loved every second of it. But who doesn't love little boys when they are this much fun?!?

I had a great afternoon with this handsome family walking all over the cutest neighborhood ever.

Thanks for putting up with me boys! I promise you'll be glad you did when you're older. At least that is what I keep trying to tell my son. ;)

Thursday, January 20, 2011

My Own I should be working on a lot of other pictures right now, but I'm just a little distracted by these little loves. The other day we did an impromptu photo shoot for like 5 minutes and I don't even think I was out of my PJs yet--hmmm big surprise. But the kids were being so cute and Scarlett was all dressed up like Rainbow Bright (haha) so I just couldn't resist. And those little photo op moments are usually my favorite.

Being their Momma is so special. 
Even if it means I don't get much work done some days. :)

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

McBrides Mini Shoot

Here are some pictures from the mini-shoot we did for this handsome family back in November.
It was a quick little shoot, but thanks to the adorable Eliza and Oliver, it wasn't too hard to come away with some good ones.

Such a perfect little family, don't ya think? :)


I couldn't call it quits tonight before I shared a quick shot from a session I'm working on this evening.
I just can't get enough. I LOVE getting to capture moments like this. Makes me feel like I have the best job ever!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

The Carnohans

I love this family!
Whitney is a friend of mine and one of the cutest Momma's around!
Not only are they photogenic but they were so much fun and so relaxed and easy-going to be around. Their boys did so great for me and I love the slew of family pictures we came away with.

Love those cute little boys' expressions!

Whitney is so darn beautiful!

Gavin & Paker....Such happy, handsome little guys.

The boys were SUCH troopers, but like all kiddos, were pretty over it by the end of the shoot. 
I love this last picture because it totally just sums up Motherhood and what it feels like half the time being a Mom I swear. :) haha. Whitney is a rockstar.

Thanks so much Carnohans for getting in front of my camera! Loved getting to shoot these for you.