Thursday, October 7, 2010

Yvette + Erik

Oh I can't wait to share these!! Okay, brace yourself for about 1 MILLION pictures. :)

I'm so grateful I had the opportunity to shoot this wedding for these two beautiful people! They were such a pleasure to work with and their friends and family couldn't have been kinder. Yvette and Erik live in Utah but decided they wanted to change things up a little and opted for a destination wedding here in San Diego with just a group of close friends and family rather than a big reception back at home. So they came out, enjoyed our gorgeous San Diego weather and got married in one of the most beautiful places on earth. What a great idea! 

I had such a great time photographing them....but clearly, its not hard to see why!

They decided to do some pictures at both the beach and the San Diego Temple the night before so we would not be so rushed and crammed on the actual wedding day. Also this way we could take advantage of the beautiful sunset and evening light that a lot of bride's and groom's have to miss out on. I'm SO glad they decided to do this. I recommend doing this if possible to ALL the couples I shoot. It just makes the wedding day so much more relaxed and the lighting really makes a world of difference.

Isn't Yvette's dress just incredible?! I LOVED it. So perfect on her.

And then the beach....

So while we were down in La Jolla taking pictures, this little girl really wanted to see Yvette and hold her flowers. I think she thought she was a Disney Princess. The little darling was mesmerized.

She totally just grinned from ear to ear for a picture.
She was SO thrilled that she got to meet the princess. This is her waving goodbye. Seriously melts my heart. :)

I'm kinda obsessed with this picture. Not sure exactly what it is but I just L.O.V.E it.

Possibly my favorite shot from the whole wedding...Her whispering in his ear = perfection.

Pictures from the wedding day down below!


Amy said...

Amazing job on the pics, Ash!! They are just incredible!

Joan said...

STUNNING. Gorgeous photos. And I'm obsessed with that one too, btw :)
Okay, so the reason I haven't left a comment in seven decades is b/c I lost your blog address...but then I thought...hmmm, I bet it's!?DUHHHHH! haha.
I'm glad I found you :)

Joan said...

I know I already commented (sorry, I'm mildly obsessed--teehee). But I was scrolling back through these photos and Brandon peered over my shoulder and said, "whoa, those are amazing! I said, "It's Ashley's work." He replied, "She is seriously gifted."
Just thought you'd like to hear that compliment :)