Monday, October 25, 2010

5 Minute Maternity

My cute friend Stacy is due any second now with her baby girl. So excited to meet her!
Stacy asked me to snap a couple belly shots the day before her due date to document her pregnancy, so we hurried out to my backyard and got a few.
I just can't believe how amazing she looks at 40 weeks pregnant! Seriously, not fair!
I know its not fun to have pictures taken of yourself this far along in pregnancy but looking back I don't think you ever regret it. And looking at this darling Momma, and being 4 months post-partum myself, I can't believe that I actually sorta miss it. Geez, must make pregnancy look REALLY good to make me feel like that. :)

Can't wait to meet that little lady....


Luisa said...

Really beautiful Ashley. . . you did have a great subject to work with:)

Richard and Marianne said...

You are an incredible "budding" photographer. The best and fun shots.