Monday, April 26, 2010

Jordan + Jessica = Leah

So fun getting to photograph this sweet baby girl and her parents a couple weeks ago. I can't get enough of her cute whispy curls and chubba cheeks. She definitely made me even more excited for my own little girl to get here!! And what a patient, good-natured little thing! I can only hope for that! :)

The day couldn't have been more beautiful (I LOVE San Diego this time of year!!) and I always love visiting these gardens. Such a gorgeous setting.

7 months is such a fun age for baby pictures!

I love these of Leah and Jessica. They are beautiful together.

You can definitely tell how much these parents adore their little girl and how much she adores them back!

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Lianna said...

Awesome pics Ashley, good job. Isn't my neice a cutie? Where are those beautiful gardens? I can't wait to do another photo shoot with you.