Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Sugar and Spice and Everything Nice

Beautiful family.

Awesome location.

Lovely light.


Two little girls, Margaux and Beatrix, with the most darling names and personalities to match, who could literally just melt your heart and make you want to have a dozen of your own.

Doesn't get much better. :)

I seriously had to cut myself off from posting more pictures because I could have just gone on and on.
Thank you, Alexanders, for such an exciting photo shoot!


Anonymous said...

Great pictures!!

Felicity May said...

LOVE the pictures Ashley! You captured those girls perfectly.

Joan said...

What beauties those two are (they obviously get their good looks from Mama and Daddy). Beatrix?! How darling is that? And the spelling of Margaux is super sassy and cute.
Oh, wait...this is a photography blog..not a comment on how cute the kids are blog?! haha.
You know how I feel about your work, Ash. But I will say it again for the ga-zillionth time: Well done. Lovely, lovely.