Tuesday, January 5, 2010

The Lilleys

Well, I am back in town. Mostly recovered from the holiday craziness. And have a much improved computer after a few little upgrades.

I am feeling good and ready to get some more posts up!

This family shoot was one that I just had the best time with. Not only are their kids so sweet, well-behaved and just darling, but Dad and Mom are about the nicest people you'll ever meet. They couldn't have made my job easier. We had a great time walking all over Old Scottsdale.

This little Emma is just about as cute as they come. I think I could have photographed her all day long.

And Ethan....what a happy and good-natured little man! His little grin is too much.

I loved taking pictures of Amy and Danny because they were so open and willing to do/try whatever. And I did. :) That is my FAVORITE! They were so relaxed and willing to let me create. Plus, it was so obvious how much they really adore each other and that is just plain fun to capture. Here is just a little taste of some of the good times we had.


Joan said...

The grocery cart picture is super random and I'm loving it. I appreciate pics that kind of "throw you off." I hope you realize I am complimenting the shot...I may sound like I'm not...haha. I really, really like random. And I pretty much like everything your lens touches :)

Alexandra said...

Wow! These images are SO ADORABLE and so beautiful. I love your post-processing work! My favorite has to be the one by the little girl against the pink wall - beautiful! I love these, great job