Thursday, January 14, 2010

Home for Christmas

While I was in Phoenix for Christmas, I got a last minute phone call from the family who owns the absolutely beautiful home featured in this photoshoot....and since they had all their children and grandchildren home for the holidays, they decided they needed some fresh new pictures of everyone together. Especially before the youngest son leaves soon on his 2 year mission to England! I was so flattered they thought of me and had a great time doing this shoot. 
I know I say this a lot, but honestly, NICEST FAMILY EVER! So down to earth and just so the core. They were also so much fun and totally chill. We listened to Jack Johnson the whole time and had some good laughs.
Thanks you guys for being so patient and I hope you enjoy the pictures!

I loved all their colors! They did such a great job. And their house really is just stunning. So so beautiful.

Shelley is the Momma Hen and isn't she such a babe?  I LOVED all her spunk.

This the spot where the family often gathers to relax and chat. I was excited to capture them here.

I am completely in love with these pictures of Grandpa holding his little grand-daughter. 

So proud. So sweet.

And what darling little grandsons! Who are also SOOOO patient. AND stylish.

Momma and her boys

Can I please steal those super cute shirts and vests for my Calvin? Size 2t please. :)

Two unmarried brothers.....any takers ladies???!! :)

This one, however, is going to have a two year waiting list....Richard leaves on his mission in just a month or two. We took some time at the end to get a few of him alone before his big departure.

From the looks of these, I think there are going to be some pretty broken-hearted ladies.....wouldn't you say? :)


Glen and Paige said...

These pictures turned out great! Gosh I have a good looking family! Too bad the prego girl looks nine months prego! :)

Zane and Lexi said...

great looking family, awesome home location! do you have a new lens?? How'd you get those great family shots like the one on the steps?!! Inquiring minds want to know :)

Joan said...

Balogna, Paige! You look darling! Nine month pregnant. Pshaw!? :)
Ashley, how do you coordinate such a group and place them perfectly and appropriately?! You have such an eye for that, my dear :)