Thursday, January 28, 2010

Carol, Eric, and Buddy

I had such a nice afternoon with these three--visiting their gorgeous home, exploring their amazing neighborhood and its incredible views, and just having such a relaxed and low-key photo shoot with two lovely people. It was such a treat for me! I really wanted to create some photos that would show them in their element....doing what they love, together, and capturing their personalities. I'm so pleased with the outcome. 

Buddy is their dog and he was the sweetest little guy! You can tell how much they adore him and how he is really just part of the family. Such a lucky pup!

These next pictures were taken from a lookout in their neighborhood where you get high enough to see all the way to the coast and on a clear day, downtown even. Beautiful spot.

We also got some head shots of Carol for her business. She was so good in front of the camera! I love some of the shots we got!

Eric is what you might call a beverage connoisseur and even has his own blog! So we caught a few of him in his element as well.


Zane and Lexi said...

These are great Ash! I really like how you caught them in their element. I bet they love them :)

Joan said...

I am so glad you are keeping busy with so many clients! How fun that you get to make some extra cash doing something you not only love--but something you are really, really good at too.

Amy said...

These are great, Ash. I think the ones with the wine and corks are really creative!