Friday, December 17, 2010

Mini Rudolph

Well this has been one BUSY holiday season and I have A LOT of catch up blogging to do with some awesome photo sessions. So expect some good stuff coming soon.

But in the meantime, I'll just leave you this picture of my own darling little reindeer after preschool yesterday.

Merry Christmas everyone! I hope it is a wonderful one.


Friday, November 19, 2010

Meet Jillian & Rachel

Okay, hands down one of my favorite shoots I have ever done.
For sure.

A couple reasons. 

I'll start by saying that these girls were NOT my biggest fan when they showed up to the shoot. They were not too happy one bit about having their picture taken and looked me up and down with skeptical eyes and frowns on their darling little faces.
Well I love a good challenge, so I decided to just can the traditional and do whatever I could to capture these girls exactly as they are. 
I wanted these pictures to breathe THEM and LIFE. I was determined to find their personalities and get them shining.
So I eased back, asked them to play, fight, giggle, run, jump, name it. And they did the rest. 
In fact, I did very little. 
And I think that is why I could not be more happy with the results.

I love taking pictures that tell a story. And I love taking pictures of sisters.
And I think this pair of sisters just hit a soft spot in my heart for me thinking about my own story with my sisters.
Sisters fight and they play.
They may look similar or completely different.
They may like the same things or loathe the other's favorites.
They may have different styles, friends, hobbies.
And they may NOT always get along perfectly.
BUT, suddenly once you're older and all grown up, all those differences sorta just don't matter nearly as much.
And there is NO one you can giggle with as long and as hard as your sisters.
No one that shares the same memories you will forever share.
No one there for you in quite the same way when you need it most.
And no one you love and that loves you back, like a sister.

That is why these girls were so much fun to capture. 

Man oh man, I love my job.

Enjoy, the MANY pictures of these beauties! :)

This is their beautiful Momma, who we were lucky enough to sneak in for a couple shots.

The End.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010


Working on editing this shoot tonight and missing my own sisters.....bad.
Why do they have to be so far away?
I could really use a good laugh, maybe a good cry, a good know, all the things sisters do best together.
More to come from THESE darling sisters very soon.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010


There's really nothing sweeter than a newborn.
This is Lainey at 7 days old. 
Just perfect.

Isn't she the sweetest little pumpkin?

Thursday, November 4, 2010

An "Almost" Birth Story

So for the last couple weeks Stacy and I had planned for me to come to the hospital when she went into labor so I could take some birth story pictures. I was super excited as this would be my first real birth story photo op. Stacy was hoping to have an unmedicated natural birth and just wanted it to be a special experience bringing her first daughter into the world and I was so looking forward to capturing it on camera. I'm still kicking myself (hard!) for not having hired a professional photographer to be there when Scarlett was born, so I think I was thrilled to live vicariously through Stacy. :)

But that baby girl decided she'd take her sweet girls often do, and Stacy passed her due date. She knew she needed to have the baby before her insurance changed, so she hesitantly decided to get induced--but still wanted to go natural if at all possible. So she went in at 7:00 am and started her pitocin drip. She was at a 4 and stayed at this 4 for almost the ENTIRE day! Since it's hard to leave my babies on short notice I was hoping to hold out until things got a little closer and then I'd find a sitter and race up to the hospital. Our friend Luisa was there at the hospital with Stacy to help her as a birth coach/doula, and so Lu kept texting me updates. Mostly how things were going really slow and no need for me to rush and that she'd let me know when things started to pick up more. I was happy because this meant Dan would probably be home from work in time for me to make it and not have to worry about a sitter. WELL....
Around 5 pm Lu texted me that she was at a 5 and things were starting to pick up.
So I started to collect my things and be ready to race out the door when Dan arrived by 6. 
Not even 30 minutes later I got another text from Lu saying "OH MY GOSH! The baby is here! It just happened so fast, there was no time!!"
A 5 to a 10 without even a single push in less than 30 minutes?????!!!!!!
But also Amazing.
And Stacy did it 100% natural. So incredible.

So that is why this is an "Almost" birth story. :) Darn. Better luck next time.
However, I did get to go visit Miss Jocelyn just a couple hours later and still got some good hospital shots that still tell the story of this precious little lady's arrival into this beautiful world and the people who were waiting so patiently to welcome her.


Jocelyn Eve Roy
October 27th, 2010
8 pounds, 4 ounces
20.5 inches long

Love these pictures of a Daddy with his first baby girl

Biggest brother Gavin could hardly wait to meet her! You should've seen the grin on this boy's face. Priceless. Simply priceless. I think I teared up.

Unfortunately, Stacy and Jared's other baby boy, Damon, was at home sleeping and couldn't make it to the hospital for that first night, so we didn't get him in the pics, but I love this one of the four of them.

Lu, the incredible birth coach

Congrats Stacy and Jared on your perfect little girl! 
So so happy for you!