Saturday, December 19, 2009

Savannah & Rosie

Savannah is an adorable 7 year old girl.

Rosie is her Pup.

Together, they make quite the pair.
First we got lots of shots of the little lady. Who may just need to go into modeling someday.

We did lots of running and playing in mud. Which I didn't mind one bit. I mean, really, does life get any better than running down a muddy dirt road in a fancy dress?! No way.

The leaves and colors were beautiful. As was Miss Savannah.

Then we decided it was Rosie's turn. And she got a couple beauty shots too.

Savannah wanted to "wrestle" with Rosie. So I had to get them in action. Rosie was pretty thrilled and Savannah got away without too many bumps and bruises. :)
On the left, Savannah was getting all set to pounce on Rosie and I just can't get over how cute that picture turned out. On the Right is after the pounce. :)

Dogs really are the best.

What a fun and action-packed afternoon. I couldn't have asked for two more adorable and photogenic subjects!

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