Sunday, December 13, 2009

A Little Glam

I had the best time at my Phoenix photo sessions. This gorgeous family wanted something edgy and different so we went for it. They were all class and glam and I loved it. It's hard sometimes to be as creative as you want to be when there are little ones involved, but I loved having a very patient couple willing to let me get artistic while still making sure we got some more traditional family pics as well. You still have to have those Christmas card shots. :) Joan had lots of great ideas and really helped concept the shoot--she found this awesome location and had a great vision for her family's style--so that added so much. I love when my clients have a direction and a look and feel they really love. It makes it such a fun challenge for me to try and capture it while still putting my own stamp and flare on it.

One of my favorite things we did in this shoot was incorporate some dramatic lighting. Not always easy to do or the right place to do it, but this house just had some fascinating light in it and I couldn't resist. 

This little man and his Momma were so sweet together. He is such a little flirt and I adore it.

Nothing better than brothers. Really really handsome brothers at that.

Mr. Jimmy

Mr. Max

Love this moment

And we got to go a step farther with Joan and Brandon.  I LOVE getting to take some pictures of just the parents. Not only is it fun to have a few moments with subjects that hold still the whole time and do exactly what you tell them! :) But I love being able to capture photos of a seasoned couple. I think every couple that has been married for a few years or longer needs some new, fresh, modern, and maybe even a little spicy, photos of just the two of them. Just to remember that under the day to day hustle and bustle of family really are still those fascinating, attractive, beautiful people you've always been to each other.

Joan and Brandon pretty much sum that up! They are just striking together.




I wanted to hurry and get a bunch of these up here, but I just may not be able to help myself and post a couple more later....


Joan said...

Oh how I love you for taking these magical pictures of my family! Thank you, thank you!
I am so very pleased with how they turned out.

Brandon Koplin said...

I LOVE the pics! I teared up when looking at these beautiful pictures of my family, I will cherish these photos forever. They are my new most valuable possession.


JSR Photography said...

These are stellar! Lovely work!

Amy said...

Really awesome job with the Lighting, Ash... You are just getting so amazing and talented with this.

Joan said...

People are oozing about you over at my blog :) You should check it out.