Monday, November 9, 2009

A Touch of Color

This beautiful family of three was so much fun to photograph. I was so excited that they wanted bright, colorful photos with an urban touch. We found a great spot and I am so excited with how they turned out. 

Little Madison became my best friend in about 5 minutes. I LOVE when kids are so good at warming up to me. It makes my job so fun. She has such a cute, silly personality and it made me feel right at home.

I couldn't get enough of all her little looks.

Mom and Dad were so striking.

I am pretty much in love with these two photos of Mom and Dad. Aren't they just the most handsome couple?! And I can't get enough of that purple.

I loved how these series of group pictures turned out. The light was so soft and we basically just let Madison play since we were getting near the end--which made for some super cute expressions from her.

Love that sweet kiss!

What a beautiful, beautiful little lady.

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Joan said...

Gosh, those colors really add a lovely dynamic to the photos.
Can I tell you how giddy I am for our photo sesh in a few weeks?! :)