Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Tiny Beauty

Remember this little babe--my dear dear friend Liz's baby girl? Well, she is 10 months old now and can you even believe the beautiful little thing she is? She is at tiny as can be and she seriously has a face that will just take your breath away. And her eyes...and hair....amazing.

I'm glad I get to be her pseudo-aunt. :)

Liz and I have the same birthday and so our hubbies surprised us with a fun overnight date at the La Estancia in La Jolla back in September. Kate was the only little munchkin that got to come along and she was just too too adorable in the morning and the light was too perfect not take some pictures of her and her sleepy face. So we did an impromptu photo shoot. I love how they turned out.

001 by you.

008 by you.
I just could not for the life of me decide between the B&W or the Color version of this picture. I love them both.
009 by you.

005 by you.
She is such a happy little girl. All the time!
004 by you.

002 by you.
Doesn't her sleepy face just melt your heart?
003 by you.

006 by you.

010 by you.
I can't get enough of the light in this last picture. It is dreamy.


Jess and Matt said...

Is she REAL? Oh my gosh, that is one of the most adorable babies I have EVER seen. I love the pictures!

The Dobrons said...

I LOVE the lighting on these Ashley!! This are really beautiful.

The Dobrons said...

Um...can we tell I'm tired? "This are" I need to sleep for an entire day :)

Amy said...

They are gorgeous! Where did you take them? The last one looks like a hotel room.

Ashley and Aaron said...

I couldn't believe how beautiful Kate was when we saw the Carpenters in August. These pictures totally do her justice...great job Ash!

THE MEYERS said...

Ashley! I just stumbled upon these and I want to stare at them all day!! I miss my little munchkins. And you take beautiful pictures. I kept thinking that I wish you guys were in Salt Lake so that I could have you take our family / new baby pictures. Maybe we'll have to catch you sometime when we're visiting San Diego.

I just love these....

JSR Photography said...

So beautiful...the lighting really is fantastic in these (and she is such a cutie!)