Monday, October 5, 2009

Double Trouble

Jake and Brandon were my first set of identical twins! These two adorable little guys needed some updated head shots for their little modeling/acting portfolio so we attempted the impossible.....getting them both to sit still for more than 5 seconds and smile so we could get a few pictures! :) They were both surprisingly patient with us, but just like normal 18 month olds, all they wanted to do was run run run, and NOT smile for the camera. Good practice for me! We got lots of smiles in individual shots, but the twin shots were not quite so easy. We did our best though and we got a couple that at least showed a lot of personality! :)

Here are just a few of the ones I liked from the shoot.

0202 by you.
Each of the boys have a signature look in pictures together and Mom says these are them. A little confused, a little worried, maybe a little bored....Hey if you could run around all day or sit still and get your picture taken, which would you choose? :)
0203 by you.

0201 by you.

0200 by you.

Aren't their little smiles so sweet? And I just can't get over how darling their curly curly hair is!
0204 by you.
0205 by you.

0206 by you.

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Luisa said...

Ok I am in love with these boys. . .obviously, but the pictures!!!! Seriously they are better than I remembered them. So many great shots! You did an amazing job! How can I thank you enough. . .I LOVE them. :)