Monday, October 12, 2009


The other week I was lucky enough to take pictures of this tiny lady. Isn't she gorgeous? 

002 by you.

005 by you.
I love love love the little newborn cocoons I saw on one of my favorite photographers, Jessica Kettle's, blog. So I gave it my first shot at making one for this shoot. Unfortunately, I made it a little small and so it didn't go quite as marvelous as I'd hoped. But I'm going to try again soon with another great color I've got up my sleeve....any takers???
013 by you.

009 by you.
It was so fun seeing my friend Lianna with her new little girl (she already has the cutest little boy, Dean). She is a good mommy. And the two of them look so cozy together.
012 by you.

001 by you.

008 by you.

007 by you.
I was really liking the black and whites from this session but I love these last two creamy colors too. We used all window light.
020 by you.

010 by you.
Thanks for being so patient with us Dalila! It was so fun to meet you!


Justin and Emily said...

I really love your photo's they are really beautiful. You have improved a lot over the past couple years. I have a couple quesitons, what camera do you use? Do you buy actions or do you do a lot yourself in photoshop?
I love your photos, maybe someday when we are around I can get you to take some family photo's of us :)
Emily Bingham

Brandon said...

Wow, thanks so much Ashley. They look great. You have such a nice style.

Nancy said...

Dalila is my great-niece and you have done a fantastic job of capturing her beauty - and my dear niece Lianna's as well :-) You are very talented.

Anonymous said...

Your photos are beautiful. I'm so glad that you are able to share your talent.
(And also excited to see Dalila in that cute outfit that I helped pick out! She wore it to my wedding, but no one got a picture of her in it.)