Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Steve & Rachael

After we finished with the family shots Steve and Rachael snuck away with me for a few minutes while Mimi watched the kids so we could get a few updated shots of the two of them. I don't think they've really had any professional photos done since their wedding 6 years ago--as I'm sure most of us can relate. Sometimes when we are married for awhile we forget how nice it is to actually have some RECENT photos of just us with our spouse.  So if you don't have any....get them....SOON! I'd be happy to help. :)
Lucikly, the light was at its perfect place in all its sunset glory and I was just eating it up.  I went a little nutso with the flare but I just couldn't couldn't resist. And that yummy soft golden light...mmm mmm. Gotta love that.

0018 by you.

0021 by you.

0025 by you.

0019 by you.

0023 by you.

0024 by you.

0016 by you.

0015 by you.

0014 by you.

Henry Fam

I had a great time the other weekend taking pictures for this cute family--who just happen to be part of my family! These four did so great and were such good sports while we tried our best to get those kiddos to smile. I think we got like 10 comments from passerbys about what a good-looking family these guys are and I just couldn't agree more! :) 

0004 by you.
0006 by you.
0005 by you.
0003 by you.
0008 by you.
These little blondies are just too darling. Cal talks about his cousin Michael ALL the time. I think he is his little idol. :)
0011 by you.
0012 by you.0013 by you.
I can hardly believe how grown up this little lady is becoming too! So much personality. I love it.
0010 by you.
0009 by you.
0026 by you.
I couldn't resist putting this shot in because not only does it show what really happens while we are attempting to take family pictures...it also just completely embodies the feeling of my life right now with my 2 year old. I am always, always trying to catch him! Looks like his cousin has the same idea...
0001 by you.
And lastly one of my very very favorites from the shoot
0002 by you.
The End

Monday, September 21, 2009

Nanny's House

A few weeks ago we took a Sunday drive up North to visit my husband's sweet Great-Grandmother and my son's Great, Great-Grandmother, Nanny, as we lovingly refer to her. She is 95 years young, still living in the same house her husband built many decades ago, still pulling weeds and keeping her one acre lot in the impeccable condition it is always in. She is an amazing spirit. Full of beauty and life, faith, and most of all, love. Lots and lots of love.

It was so fun taking pictures of her, although she just insisted that my camera was going to break every time I snapped one.

Luckily, it still works like a champ.





Thursday, September 3, 2009


I'm going back in time to work on some of our family's summer pictures and came across this one of my sister Amy in Colorado. I love it.

She is so beautiful and one of my dearest friends.


Had so much fun the other weekend getting a few photos of my beautiful friend Lindsay visiting from Louisiana, and her extended family.
Can't wait to do more pictures of her and her husband and kiddies at Christmastime!
BTW: The upside down binki is a signature of the McBride children--love it

They were a pretty fun bunch