Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Mel ~ First Set

This past weekend I had the most fun shoot! My sister in law Mel was my model and I can't tell you how fun she is to shoot! Not only is she drop dead gorgious but so real in front of the camera. I feel like the pictures came out with so much emotion and I love how each picture tells a different story from her face. I had a great time playing with a variety edits and so although the edits aren't very uniform I learned a lot from experimenting and trying new things. Hope you enjoy them!
I couldn't decide if I liked the black and white or color version better of this shot so I included them both!


Zane and Lexi said...

What a perfect model! She is beautiful and these pics are amazing! I love the colors and how perfect her hair looks with the sun hitting it! Great Job Ash - you need to "launch" your site NOW!

Julie Weiss said...

i love love love love this. you are amazing. you can take my pictures anytime. im jealous of this talent!

Joan said...

Really lovely, Ashley. Well done.

Erin said...

These are all so good Ashley. Seriously, I think you are better than the professional I had take Isaacs pics for his whole first year. Can you take pics of me that make me look like her? JK- but if you know where she got that sweater you have to tell me because it is sooo cute!